Daredevil Yellow Indian Wasp

Though I am a fairly experienced in encounters with fearsome insects as I have my share of insect stings, bites and sprays during my childhood days but they were nothing compared to this one.

Broken Age Act 1 | Game review

I recently took the opportunity to play the first episode of Broken Age an adventure game like the once popular point and click genre. This one in particular is directed by Tim Schafer. The game starts off by presenting the player an option to play the story of any of the two main protagonists, I…

LiveTech White Chocolate Keyboard Review

Being the part of computing generation in the 90’s I feel fortunate that I could witness PC growth, its excellence its quirks and those unforgettable things like stacks of floppy disks, manual configuration of drivers in Linux, the internet in CLI times and playing games on the first generation of Nvidia Cards. That decade saw…

Lakhamandal – a travelers tale

When you let your heart take control of your travels, it creates unusual memories, this trip to LakhaMandal, Uttrakhand was one of them

Ghuttu Loner 2010

My thrilling drive on a bike through lone forests and the Tehri Dhanaulti road at night in cold wet and foggy weather.