Ghuttu Loner – (2010) Chasing the Fog

“It is still freshly etched in my memory, spellbinding canvas of landscape, road vanishing inside deep fog, silhouette of trees and the golden hue of setting sun, bringing just a hint of colour in otherwise a grey-scale enigma.” Being there It was late in July PGG(Pauri Garhwal Group) was at Ghuttu for their ‘Awareness Camp’…

Daredevil Yellow Indian Wasp

Though I am a fairly experienced in encounters with fearsome insects as I have my share of insect stings, bites and sprays during my childhood days but they were nothing compared to this one.

Broken Age Act 1 | Game review

I recently took the opportunity to play the first episode of Broken Age an adventure game like the once popular point and click genre. This one in particular is directed by Tim Schafer.

Lakhamandal – a travelers tale

When you let your heart take control of your travels, it creates unusual memories, this trip to LakhaMandal, Uttrakhand was one of them

Of groups and biking …

It’s almost end of January 2011. I woke up thinking of penning down my best biking experience I had back in late July 2010. Opening up the blog editor I found this finished yet unpublished draft of my biggest misadventure of life. Maybe I was angry and frustrated still because this episode probably ended my interest in writing…