मूर्ख और समझदार | of idiots and intelligence

सोचने की बात है । मूर्ख ज्यादा वार्ता मैं रहते हैं और समझदार कम । विस्तार प्रचलित विषय का होता है। समझे मानुस क्या करना चाहिए । – सारगोगा Ponder this, idiots talk more and intelligent less, popular things spread far and wide. Humans now you know what to do. -saargoga © 2004-2015 Gaurav Nawani | All Rights Reserved.


Ignorant Dear Ignorant when someone says you are Ignorant it doesn’t mean someone is ignoring you, it just means you are being referred to as a person who have no intention and/or proper comprehension of the topic under debate, yet you are assuming you are somehow right – saargoga © 2004-2015 Gaurav Nawani | All Rights Reserved.

Importing PS/EPS etc in inkscape on Windows

Inkscape supports a wide variety of formats but to import all of them Inkscape uses the help of external libraries in the case of EPS or PS we need a software called Ghostscript. Ghostscript can read postscript and give that vector data to Inkscape which then you can edit in Inkscape. The only issue is…

Pahelika: Secret Legends is on Groupees Bundle

Our Game is on Steam Greenlight and is now available in the Groupee Greenlight 13 Bundle as a Bonus pack. Liked the game please vote for us on Steam here. #Steam #SteamGreenlight #Pahelika Secret Legends

Daredevil Yellow Indian Wasp

Though I am a fairly experienced in encounters with fearsome insects as I have my share of insect stings, bites and sprays during my childhood days but they were nothing compared to this one.