Short charge to Dhanaulti

Introducing BRO | ME | MOMMY

Sizzling cold, no badminton, office no go. Chakrata can be toured in a day, what say? Hmmm… need a partner. Ankur has bothered me for an eternity!

  • 07:47: SMS to Ankur. “Leaving for Chakrata are you game?” Lazybones, must be dreaming.
  • 08:02: Ring a ding to Ankur. Beep beep beep… !
  • 08:57: SMS to Ankur. “ Jaago re Jaago re”.
  • Well, his loss is my gain! let me head solo to Dhanaulti.

Plans changed

Made use of early morning freshness, finished up some work. Waiting for delicious, hot breakfast. Mom shoots a chilling question:  “Haan, to kiya plan hai aaj?”. Dhanaulti! “Dono?”. Kaun dono :(? No no no! not bro? Hope so. Mom looks quizzingly??. Dah! Now I have to ask him 😦
Bro, “I am going out for biking to Dhanaulti! I hear there was some snowfall, it must be chilling out there“. Hopes for a negative response,  after all I emphasized the cold weather he he… but no!!!; “Chal to saktein hain, chal, chal”.

Shortcut to Rajpur Road

Psychic bike refused to start, so many failed starts, battery feels like draining, push and use gear, push again, button push and what not finally it coughs, quickly saddles up and let’s go! Bro came running with a finally! look on face. Took 15mins to get through Garhi, CMH  towards Rajpur Road, reached Mussorie at about 11:15.


Fog freeze on road to Dhanaulti

On way to Dhanaulti. The road has been finally constructed, coolness! It’s freezing out there. Took a while to understand the cold on this part of hill, probably due to no sun at part. Road is all wet, hey what’s that white thing we driving on? THUDD, screech…! It’s the frozen fog! Are you okay bro? Yes suppose so! Two kids playing nearby say: “we were warned you but you couldn’t hear!” “Oh ok thanks”. Everything is fine, a dent or two or may be just a scratch, my excellent driving gloves save my day, bro never knew what happened, Glad both the DSLR’s are fine 🙂 🙂

Jittery drive, experience gained! Driving Level up 2+. Bonus +1 for taking a slow fall.

Intersection tea

Roads from Dun and Mussorie meet up. Nice tea stalls, tea good for jittery nerves and cold. Ah, a ‘bread pakora!’ says bro and gobbles up a few.

Reaching Dhanaulti

White powder on road, senses activated, no brakes, keep it running. Few brave-hearts whizz past looking at the inexperienced driver, throwing pity-ness all over the road.
Mud slush …
Small frozen road …
Tourist snapping away in the thin snow … That’s why they are called tourists no?
A big stretch of frozen road… drive carefully, no slip ups, I  wonder why is fear and experience combined such a great motivator?

Safe riders?

Question: What is there in Dhanaulti any way? Exchanged looks. Dhanaulti sucks big time! Lets head to Mussorie at least it has the Kalsang there!!Cross over the longest one safely, then another one. Wait I should get a pic for  others to see. Bro please honour us with your photographic skills. Ah well let me come there as well.

A turn with wet & solid ice, spread pretty long, ends in another turn. Tricky! A maroon Maruti approaches the slip strip, wow! It is a little too fast for this! I signalled, “slow down, the road is slippery!”. I had no idea whether they understood me as they went past.
Suddenly another car stooped near to us, smart driver. Car inhabitant made an exit to loiter around discussing the slippery nature.

Unsafe riders

Two riders – a motorcycle and a scooter went past the car, Are they not too fast for this?  The two gunslingers slip……………. Thudd!! Whaaa!! Cries of a baby break out.

The one at the back was carrying two children, one at front and one in mothers arms, an infant – too young to be a stupid tourist. Not now… mothers eyes had questions, before panic sets in, I moved quickly to escort her out of road, good god! it’s a miracle she survived along with the baby.

As we left bro shot a question:  “I wonder how these gunslingers managed to not slip before?” I was thinking, dunno! but I am charged up alright, let’s go and take some pics! There is office tomorrow remember?

Happy new year!

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