A blog that moved…

Google made me do it!

So from now on my travel related ramblings will continue uninterrupted on www.saargoga.com.
I had to move the blog due to Google’s new policy of homogenizing the domain traffic to country specific. So for Google’s search for gauravnawani.blogspot.com domain will now be converted by Google to gauravnawani.blogspot.in if any visitor from India visits it and similarly for other countries, defeating the purpose of .com at first place, may be it makes life a little easier for Google but not for me so…

A good thing came out of it that I realized the importance of my own name in blog-spot, now you can dear reader be spoiled to read random ramblings of a could be beautiful mind ;).

Anyhow let’s see what get my mind worked up in this beautiful year of hopes…


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