photomonk is now saargoga

I have been writing my mind about my travels for a few years now,  its been a good struggle to put them to words ;). So while I like the idea of jotting down thoughts into a digital travel escapade, Google’s new policy of rounding off domains in Google’s blogger to visitor specific country drove me crazy, it seems to have introduce a search relevance discrepancy (not that there was too much to begin with).

I toyed with the idea of reviving my old WordPress account. After a tiring attempt of moving all posts and settling in on a new interface, bucket loads of  blog designs, their quirky features and usual marketing noise of paid features I finally settled with this relatively sane theme. You might be wondering what happened to photomonk? well saargoga did. A little background, you see I have been actively using sirgoga as my avatar in motor-space and bike groups, team members started calling me just ‘sirg’ (a slang of sir with ‘implied amuse’ in Indian lingo).

Somehow I finally did understood the gravity of the tag and appearances it build, so I redirected a little pun back at it and in the process got this spanking new title ‘saargoga’ which resonates better, me thinks ;) so here I am with this new blog in a new year which is off to good start and I have already made/repeated a trip, I am hoping this year will be as better than any ;)


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