Notion Ink’s second home coming

Notion ink Adam 2


Back in 2010 tablets were a new thing and ipad took benchmark of tablets to new heights. Folks looked forward to a David in an Android tablet to rise, sure enough Notion Ink suddenly rose up with startling promises, I was one of the few who was sucked into buying one such charming hype,

I mean the neither the often touted PixiQ screen lived up to its reputation as it never matched the display performance of an e-paper such as in Kindle, nor the LCD held any respectable value to Adam with its tiny colour gamut and very bad colour angles. But back in the days it was a heralding tech for a tablet coupled with Nvidia’s muscle push to tablets with its rock star Tegra.

Call me a patriot more than a tech enthusiast on this one so I dig in and bought the costliest tablets of that time way back in 2010 instead of a falling fruit.

But truth be told that tegra powered tab is build good it is still going strong. With an early ICE build replacing awful eden it still does my occasional gaming duties and loads of app development with ease and it is a great way to watch full hd Videos over HDMI. Last I checked it ran Asphalt 6 with ease.

Notion Ink Adam 2

Enough of history, so the other day I got this mail from NI informing me that they have an impending launch of guess what Adam 2. I was a bit surprised, the tablet looks good in pics and they are touting the secondary display adorned on the side of tablet kept in a bookshelf as always NI always manages to have different.

A little digging reveals the specs which are already 1 year outdated, I hope they are not going to put this into a crazy pricing scheme. I think I liked their designs but company always fails on a product.

Update specs and prices are revealed for the Adam 2 over at notionink.

  • Adam 2 Specs
  • CPU1.5 Ghz dual-core Cortex A9 
  • GPUQuad-core Mali 400 
  • Display 10.1″, 1280×800 IPS LCD Secondary Display STN, resolution 100x5Touch Panel Capacitive, Multi-touch, Asahi scratch resistant glass 
  • Optional Internal memory 8GB 
  • RAM 1GB DDR3 External Memory Micro-SD cardslot. 
  • Battery 6000 mAh Lithium Polymer ion 
  • Operating System Android 4.2.2 

Important thing here is the Graphics Chip and the battery rest is mostly lesser than what Nexus 7 2013 offers a benchmark for tablets at less prices.

Notion Ink Adam 2 prices

Dear NI I can be tempted but only after some trusted reviews and may be a hands on if this goes to Indian stores that is. Update: The tablet will be first released in the homeland and that makes me excited not happy yet ;). The screen resolution is a bit on lower side still.

Oh and thank you NI for the coupon I am hoping it is for us old customers, if I don’t use this somebody else will. I hope that you had placed a buy back program just to ease out torched souls a bit but I can’t really complain on these prices from now on.



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