Broken Age Act 1 | Game review

I recently took the opportunity to play the first episode of Broken Age an adventure game like the once popular point and click genre. This one in particular is directed by Tim Schafer.

The game starts off by presenting the player an option to play the story of any of the two main protagonists, I went with Vella’s story. The first thing that catches you is the surreal fantasy art and the tight control of world it portrays. You are immediately thrown into thick of Vella’s life, chosen few maidens of the village are invited for a feast in which they are ceremonial figures so to speak.

They are being prepared to be ceremonial feast for a monster called Mog Chothra, apparently who can only be satisfied by such offerings. All in the village seem to be happy to oblige their women folks if chosen because it had been so and such act brings great honor for their families but Vella and her granddad thinks otherwise.

Maidens Feast

The story unfolds with events of Vella’s life and takes you through her quest to escape being taken by Mog Chothra and eventually destroy it.

Game is very well put together the story integration of two playable characters in parallel is a mark of genius. Storytelling itself is quite polished, it is just the way player is made to believe in the reality of current situation of both Vella and Shay and the interwoven threads of their story, without each of them or even the player realizing it down to the last moments of episode, make it quite intriguing it sort of lingers for a while  that made the gaming experience worth enjoying . I am in particular hate to wait for so long for the other part.

A maiden who was not chosen

Broken Age have many pluses, great art, animation, solid story line, well executed dialog and of course humor. The dialogs are bread and butter of adventure genre and gladly BA is full of it.

Each story scene have nuance’s of their own which only keep you glued to explore them. The humor is top-notch such as the clouds village folks chose to remove alphabets from their names to lighten themselves, take F’ther for example which is plain replacement for Father but spell and feels light 😉 a belief shared by people living on the clouds with various genius name shortening implications.

One can’t help to write about the story if they have to talk about adventure game and that is my mindset presently, but realizing that a player can only enjoy such game if they experience it on their own so I think I have justified the game enough.

So do I recommend it, Yes if you like adventure genre and yes if you are a fan of classics such as ‘Monkey Island’.

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