Importing PS/EPS etc in inkscape on Windows

Inkscape supports a wide variety of formats but to import all of them Inkscape uses the help of external libraries in the case of EPS or PS we need a software called Ghostscript. Ghostscript can read postscript and give that vector data to Inkscape which then you can edit in Inkscape.

System Properties shortcut (win7)

The only issue is this process is that it’s not as straightforward as installing Ghostscript we will need to let windows know where to find Ghostscript and that will allow Inkscape to locate is as well. We are going to add a system entry to do that here is how the simple steps by step to get that done.

Step1. Fortunately, we already have Ghostscript on Windows so we will need to install that first get your copy here and install it.
Step2. Hit the windows button and type system and click on the system to go to system properties. it is more or less same for win7 and 8.
Step3. Here select ‘Advance System Settings’.

System Dialog

Step4.  The System Properties dialog pops up here click on ‘Environment Variables’ button.

Advanced System Properties Dialog

Step5. Select ‘Path’ from ‘System Variables’ and double click to change the entry. Here we are just going to add the path of Ghostscript installation to System Variables so that Ghostscript becomes visible to Inkscape.

System Variables Path Entry box

Step6. Ok Now in the Edit System Variable popup we will ‘add’ the ‘Ghostscript installation path’ such as in the image to the end of, please ensure you are adding that to the end and using a semicolon to separate this entry. See the image for reference. Hit ok and you are done. You can have a different installation path if so don’t worry just locate it and copy that till the bin directory it is where Ghostscript executable resides.

Step7. Import, yes that it is Launch Inkscape then just import, locate your EPS and open then this type of import dialog comes up check the requirements and hit OK.

There Inkscape on Windows  successfully importing and EPS.

Disclaimer: All the logos are copyright of their respective owners.


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