Motorcycling To Maldevta and beyond

So there was a company and a responsible fellow motorcyclist with time on his hands - a perfect recipe for forging some riding memories, most of which have turned out to be pleasant and quite a bit of a surprise for me as a Dehradun resident.

Daredevil – The yellow Indian wasp

Though I remain fairly experienced in encounters with fearsome insects as I have my share of insect stings, bites and spray burns during my growth to adulthood, but those experiences was nothing compared to the one I now faced.

Motorcycling in the fog – Ghuttu, Ghansali

With the first aspect of ‘my plan’ a success I was at crossroads to decide next state, whether to reach Dhanaulti a good 30km and lastly to keep time for the third state to reach Mussoorie again about 30 Km ahead of Dhanaulti. Beyond Mussoorie, I anticipated little or no problems with the fog however it is in these two stretches set my main attention.

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