Of groups and biking…

A biking trip gone wrong with so many reasons and made me reflect back on the ‘group and its purpose itself’

It is almost end of January 2011. I woke up thinking of penning down my best biking experience I had back in late July 2010. Opening up the blog editor I found this finished yet unpublished draft of my biggest misadventure of life.

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Chakrata Loner

Unbridled on a fast horse, The all new Apache 180 RTR.
Trip  date – 17/Jan/2010


Past few weeks have been busy and I wanted to get out the hub dub of life and decided to do something exciting today however the Sunday morning was foggy and it being particularly chilly left me in a dilemma over the trip, best thing now was to keep busy change your thoughts away from trip. Powering on my laptop, I went on to finish some work I had managed to drag from the past week. After about an hour later I felt hungry though it was not the time for breakfast still I left for the kitchen to prepare grilled sandwiches, the stuffing for which was readied last night in anticipation of the trip ;). Continue reading “Chakrata Loner”

Short charge to Dhanaulti

Introducing BRO | ME | MOMMY

Sizzling cold, no badminton, office no go. Chakrata can be toured in a day, what say? Hmmm… need a partner. Ankur has bothered me for an eternity!

  • 07:47: SMS to Ankur. “Leaving for Chakrata are you game?” Lazybones, must be dreaming.
  • 08:02: Ring a ding to Ankur. Beep beep beep… !
  • 08:57: SMS to Ankur. “ Jaago re Jaago re”.
  • Well, his loss is my gain! let me head solo to Dhanaulti.
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