Lahaul Spiti (2009) 4 – Struggle for Shimla

Fourth day brings along its share of experiences and few of them being riding long stretches over widely varied terrain and weather.

Lahaul & Spiti (2009) 2 – Reaching Chandra Taal

Gravel, Rains, slippery mud, Glacial water, River banks, Night drive on magnificent Chandra Taal and a stressed birthday boy, the only thing we did not see that day was some well-deserved rest.

Lahaul & Spiti (2009) 1 – The run through to Manali

Back in Jun of 2009, I had joined a newly formed biking group called ‘Nomads’. Being cousin of the original group members made it easier for me to be known to the group. For the first trip, we decided to do a Lahaul & Spiti circuit via Manali, Chandrataal, Spiti valley and back to Shimla.